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30A Flying Dress Photo Session | Sweet 16th Birthday

Should You Have a Parachute Dress Photo Session?

You have probably never even heard of a parachute dress, much less wondered if you should have a photo session with one LOL. Today on the blog we are featuring Miss D from South Walton High School in Santa Rosa Beach celebrating her Sweet 16th birthday! We did her photo session with the White/Red and Black parachute dress options at Eden Gardens in Santa Rosa Beach, FL very close to the beaches of 30A.

Parachute Dress
30A Flying Dress Photo Sessions

These parachute dresses are up to 30 Foot long in length and can be quite heavy. They usually require two individuals to help carry the dress as you walk. Make sure these two people are also great at moving their arms as we will need "fluffers' to get this dress moving.

Parachute Dress
Eden Gardens Photo Session

Are the parachute dress photo sessions indoors or outdoors?

30A Flying Dress photo session are done outdoors. Due the size of the dress and the area needed to provide movement in the dress, we usually recommend outdoor locations for Parachute Dress photo sessions. We are always open to indoor location recommendations - just please be away we need about a 50ft open area if you want movement in the dress.

Parachute Dress
What is the best time of year for a photo session

These flying dress photo sessions are the perfect way for your teen to have a fun adventure during their 30A Beach Vacation. We have over 7 dresses in color to choose from - it's even a fun idea for a mother/daughter session or a BFF photo session. Sessions are available on a limited basis due to dress availability and cleaning processes - for more information on a Parachute Flying Dress Photo session, please send us a text at (850) 460-4437.

What is the best time of year, or season, for a flying dress photo session?

That's the great news... these dresses are so versatile that any time of year is the perfect time for a parachute dress photo session. During the summer months it is suggest to do these session at sunrise as they can become very hot to wear due to the weight of them. During the winter months we have the perfect fur coat accents and props that will keep you warm if you start to get chilly!

Do you have a specific hobby or a milestone event to be photographed?

When it comes to pairing these dresses with hobby, the options are endless. Think outside of the box! Do you love Barbie, use the pink dress. Are you into softball, grab the white/red dress and do your hair/make with a fun Carlie-Quinn theme and bring your bat! Do you love to hunt, fish or the outdoors? Let's do something in the wild with the green dress. Are you a fan of the Air Force? Grab a bomber jacket paired with some sweet aviator glasses and the multi-colored dress for a super vyb.

These dresses will fit women size 0-20. Momma, these are a great idea for a Mother's Day session or something special with your daughter for her 13th birthday. We recently had the opportunity to photograph a young lady's 50th birthday celebration with the hot pink dress!

Do you know someone who would love this photo session idea? Share it with them and let them know you are thinking of them today! 30A Flying Dress Portrait Sessions.


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