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Body Image for teens | 30A Senior Portraits

Ready to feel like a model?

“Am I pretty enough?” “Do I look fat?” “Do I look awkward?”

“Are these going to look good?” "I don't know how to pose myself."

Don't worry beautiful - I know what you're thinking. Make no mistake, I see all of your questions and fears. I promise you, have no fear because I’m very good at what I do! I coach you every minute of your photo shoot. You’ll go from feeling awkward too wishing our shoot would never end. I have 4 images on the world art tour all from 30A Senior Portraits session clients just like you!

How do I know this, you ask? Because I watch you transform, like every other young adult, right before my eyes. And that my beautiful friend, THAT is why I do what I do.

30A Senior Portraits - Let us show you how anyone can be a fashion model

What's included as a Vybz Tryb Style Rep? >>> Read on for more info!

I'm so good at what I do... even the guys look like GQ models (if you don't know what GQ means.... than you are very young!) LOL

Seriously, I am known for my ability to work with young men and getting them to feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera for their senior portraits. Let's face it... the boys don't wanna do it at all, so momma, let me take the stress out of it for you! Send me a message and I will show how easy it is to get them excited about it.

What is a VYBZ TRYB Style Rep?

Be a part of the team! Vybz Tryb members are THE FACE of Melonie Marie Photography! Your images will be featured in my marketing campaigns, printed materials, social media adventures, commercials and more!

Be Prepared To Be Famous!

Parachute Dress What to wear senior portraits
30A Senior Portraits

As a Vvbz Tryb Style Rep, you will have FULL access to my Client Closet! Over the past 20 years I have worked with fashion designers and traveled the U.S. to collect some unique fashion items (like parachute dresses) - but I also have plenty of current fashion trend items on hand to help make YOUR "vyb" rock in your senior portraits.

Learn to pose like a Model!

30A Senior Portraits with a flying dress
30A Senior Portraits | Flying Dress

We are currently looking for STYLE REPS ages 13-18
(must be in High School grades 9th thru 12th)

Do you have what it takes to be a Style Rep?

I know what you are saying... What if I don't have a models body? Let me tell you, you are MY perfect candidate for a Style Rep! Anyone can be model, all you need is the correct coaching skills and the perfect photographer that can highlight your best features - and I can do just that!

We are looking for both males and females that:

  • play high school sports or

  • play in the high school band/music/choir or

  • participate in drama club or after school activity club or

  • are interested in fashion or modeling!

What's included as a Vybz Tryb Style Rep?

  • Education! Don't worry - it's fun education! I will coach each Vybz Tryb member on posing, how to work with the best light in photos, and most importantly... I will educate you on what looks good for your body style! Every single one of us has beauty, strength, and amazingness - I will show you how to let it shine!

  • Photo Session - during the school year, we will do a photo session at the perfect location to capture the essence of you. We will do a mix of your favorite fashion VYBZ to show your looks and passions!

  • Digital Downloads/Printing Release - you will receive all digital gallery downloads from your session and full printing release to order images.

  • Client Closet - Fashion is fun - but unique fashion is a total adventure! Ever wanted to trash a dress for a photo session? Or ever wanted to feel like a princess in a 30 foot dress? How bout a 1920's or Great Gatsby look? From James Dean Leather jackets to Marilyn Monroe Fur coats - there's something fun for everyone!

  • Discounts - bring your BFF's along and you can all get individual images plus group photos! Refer and friend and you get great savings (see more below).

High fashion senior portraits in 30a
30A Senior Portraits | High End Fashion for teens

How can Vybz Style Reps earn FREE stuff?

Earn extra sessions! Once you do a photo session with us, you will love it and want more sessions! You can earn more *VYBZ* looks by referring your friends to book their photo session with Melonie Marie Photography! Bring a friend along (or a few) and do a friends session. Each guy/gal will receive individual images and then we will also do group photos! Celebrate your high school years with your besties and earn more!

#30avybz challenge - during the school months, I will post fun challenges to encourage you to spread kindness and good vybz in your school! After completing the challenge - you will earn that month's freebie!

Is there a fee to be a Vybz Tryb Style Rep?

NO! As a matter of fact, as a Vybz Tryb Style Rep, you can EARN money!


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