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30A Vybz | Tween & Teen Fashion

30A Vybz | Exclusive Magazine for Tween and Teen Fashion & Photography. Building a positive body image for teens and tweens of all shapes and sizes.

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Tweens and teens often face extreme pressure to meet strict, unrealistic and sometimes even harmful, societal ideals around beauty, body build, size and shape. The pursuit of a perfect body or for a perfect appearance can take a heavy toll on confidence, as well as physical and mental health.

Overall, the phrase "body image" is how we think, feel and perceive our own bodies. During the tween and teen years, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy body image because of major physical and emotional changes, and especially social pressures, that occur during these development stages of life.

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Per the Mayo Clinic: Teens and Tweens who have negative thoughts about their bodies are at an increased risk of low self-esteem, depression, substance use, eating disorders, and unhealthy body weight, including being underweight or overweight.

My goal for 30A VYBZ is to create a safe environment for teens and tweens to promote a positive body image for all shapes and sizes, and every shade of awkward. Each issue I will feature positive body image content for all body types. Size does not matter, an hourglass body shape comes in both XS and 2XL+, my goal is to build confidence in tweens and tweens and reveal to them the pure amazingness they didn't even know they had!



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