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30A VYBZ: Voice Your Brand retreats & TRANING

Social Media Brand Retreats & Public Relations Training for Influencers and Business Owners

Join 30A VYBZ at the Voice Your Brand Retreat for an epic adventure aimed at boosting and energizing social media enthusiasts and business owners looking to level up their online game. This event, held in Northwest Florida, is a hotspot for influencers and entrepreneurs to dive into the world of six-figure tricks, Public Relations magic, branding tips, networking galore, podcast partnerships, and the secrets of social media success and SEO wizardry.

Get more details about the Voice Your Brand Building Retreats, workshops and online resources.

branding & Public Relations traning
Branding Retreats

Two locations in Northwest Florida to choose from for the Voice Your Brand Retreat in 30A:

Nestled in a charming 1920s Vintage hotel in Defuniak only 30 minutes away from the Beaches on 30A or surrounded by white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees in a private vacation home on 30A. Both locations provide the same great Social Media Branding & Public Relations Training for Influencers and Business Owners at the 30A VYBZ | Voice your Brand Retreats

Attendees can also soak in wellness activities like yoga, biking, or thrilling watersports like kayaking. After the brain-boosting sessions, the day wraps up by 4 pm, leaving you free to explore the town, hit the beach, or pamper yourself at the spa. Turn your weekend into a dreamy vacation getaway!

Why attend the Voice Your Brand Retreat with 30A VYBZ >>> Love these VibesWorkshop Outline: Social Media Branding & Public Relations Training for Influencers and Business Owners

Retreat Objective:

  • To empower influencers and business owners with the knowledge and skills to effectively build and maintain a strong brand presence on social media.

  • To educate participants on the importance of public relations, style and brand vibe in enhancing brand credibility and reputation.

Workshop Agenda:

Session 1: Understanding Social Media Branding

- Introduction to Social Media Branding

- Importance of Consistent Branding Across Platforms

- Identifying and Defining Your Brand Voice and Image

Session 2: Leveraging Different Social Media Platforms

- Overview of Major Social Media Platforms

- Strategies for Content Creation and Distribution

- Engaging with Your Audience Effectively

Session 3: Building Your Brand Story

- Crafting a Compelling Brand Narrative

- Utilizing Storytelling Techniques on Social Media

- Showcasing Your Brand's Values and Mission

Session 4: Public Relations Essentials

- What is Public Relations and Why It Matters

- Developing a PR Strategy for Your Brand

- Handling Crisis Communication on Social Media

Session 5: Collaborations and Partnerships

- Leveraging Influencer Marketing for Brand Growth

- Establishing Relationships with Other Brands and Influencers

- Negotiating Partnerships and Sponsorships

Session 6: Measuring Success and Future Trends

- Key Performance Indicators for Social Media Branding

- Tracking and Analyzing Your Brand’s Performance

- Emerging Trends in Social Media and Public Relations

Interactive Activities:

- Branding Workshops and Exercises

- Case Studies and Group Discussions

- Q&A Sessions with Industry Experts

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of how to strategically develop their brand on social media and effectively manage their public relations efforts.


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