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What is Digital Distortion? Award winning 30A Photographer explains dangers of digital distortion.

I believe that everyone has a unique story to share or gift to offer, and I want to help teens and tweens find their passion and use it to make a positive impact on the world. Because of this, I specialize in proving transforming Senior photo sessions and confidence building tween portrait session for middle schoolers.

On average, how many selfies do teens take before posing one on social media?

Click here to vote, and be sure to read our Weekly Faith Tip below on dealing with social media anxiety from the 30A VYBZ (Visionary Youth Believerz TRYB).

Imagine if every girl loved her body or if every teen guy felt confident in himself? What if I told you I can help make that happen?

Melonie Marie, Award winning 30A Photographer explains the dangers of digital distortion. Recent studies show that teens and tweens on average will take up to 14 selfies before posting just one image on social media. For our top 5 Selfie tips, read more...

Award winning 30A Photographer explains the dangers of digital distortion in teens and high school seniors
30A Photographer explains digital distortion

In my journey to obtain my Masters degree in photography, I started to compete with other photographers worldwide at IMAGING USA. During those print competitions, I gained lots of knowledge, earned myself one of the top 7 State Photographer trophies, got 1st place trophy in the District Portrait Division and then had 4 images that went Loan on the world art tour. What's most exciting about all this, all of the world art tour Loan images are from everyday client sessions - not paid models, and 3 are teen females!

Before we even begin to talk about how I created confidence in these clients and teens to create these images... let's chat about Image Distortion (aka: digital distortion) - believe it or not, it's been around long before the digital media age. Photos have been manipulated in the darkroom by artist for many, many years. What you see in print (and now on social media) is not always what the naked eye views. Check out this "before" image of the first one posted in this blog. Can you see the subtle differences that make the image "pop"?

< swipe >

to view before/after image

Let's see if you can spot the changes I made to the above image:

  1. Left side of image, blurred rope to bring more attention to center of of image.

  2. Liquified hair to add lift at crown.

  3. Reduced shadows in center of image, again to draw more attention to face and to also reduce any slight skin imperfections (Note: a 2nd light or reflector used as a fill light during the photoshoot would of eliminated this step in photoshop).

  4. Corrected waistline issue due to posing with pillows and couch cover.

While I made very subtle changes in this image, ALL of which could of been fixed during the photoshoot, many times what we see on social media, magazine ads, on TV and even our best friends feeds have been enhanced or digitally distorted to unrealistic expectations.

All images in this gallery are straight out of camera, except some cropping edits because we all know I can't keep the camera straight to save my life. LOL

Digital distortion on social media can have a significant impact on the emotional well-being of teens and tweens. With millions of images shared every day, social media has become a powerful tool for self-expression and communication, but it is also a breeding ground for unrealistic expectations and distorted self-image.

Award winning 30A Photographer, explains dangers of digital distortion and what it is.

Digital distortion refers to the use of image editing software or filters to enhance or manipulate images, often resulting in an unrealistic representation of reality. Many teens and tweens feel the pressure to conform to the unrealistic beauty standards portrayed on social media, and it can lead to feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, and depression.

30A Photographer helps teens and tween conquer digital distortion on social media
30A Photographer: Conquer digital distortion on social media

As a teenager, it can be tough to feel confident in your own skin. From societal pressures to the constant comparison game on social media, it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you're not enough. That's where Melonie Marie Photography comes in.

I have a solution to combat digital distortion and promote self-confidence in teens and tweens. Melonie Marie, a renowned photographer, specializes in confidence-building photo sessions for teens and tweens. These photo sessions are not about creating perfect Instagram-worthy images, but rather it's about capturing the essence of a person's unique beauty and personality.

With her camera and expert eye, 30A Photographer, Melonie Marie works with her clients to capture their unique personalities and empower them with stunning photos they can treasure forever and conquer the fear and dangers of digital distortion on social media.

The magic of Melonie Marie Photography lies in the way Melonie Marie builds relationships with her clients. From the initial consultation to the final reveal of the stunning photos, Melonie Marie builds a connection with each and every one of her clients. This connection allows her to capture the true essence of each person she works with, creating beautiful photos that showcase their individuality and confidence.


Melonie's focus on authentic beauty helps to build a positive self-image in teens and tweens. She works with her clients to create a comfortable environment where they can be themselves in front of the camera. This allows them to see themselves in a new light, inspiring self-love and self-confidence.

Top 30A photographer explains dangers of digital distortion
Top Photographer in 30A

Melonie Marie's photo sessions aren't just about taking pretty pictures, though. Along with stunning photos, her sessions also provide a safe space for teens to embrace their true selves and build their confidence. With Melonie Marie's guidance, clients can let go of their insecurities and truly shine in front of the camera.

Through her unique photo sessions, Melonie Marie helps teens and tweens to break free from the negative effects of digital distortion. Her clients walk away with a renewed sense of confidence and a healthy appreciation for their individuality. In a world that can feel overwhelming and critical, Melonie Marie Photography provides a refreshing and empowering experience for teens. Her confidence-building photo sessions offer a reminder that every person is unique and deserving of love and admiration.

30A Photographer
Building Confidence with photo sessions

In conclusion, digital distortion on social media can have a detrimental impact on the emotional health of teens and tweens. However, Melonie Marie's confidence-building photo sessions provide a solution to this issue by empowering her clients with a positive self-image. By promoting self-love and celebrating authenticity, Melonie Marie transforms teens and tweens into confident individuals ready to take on the world.

If you're a middle school or high school student looking to boost your confidence and capture your true self in stunning photos, contact Melonie Marie Photography today. Trust us, you won't regret it.

Don't forget to take the quiz below!

On Average, how many selfies do teens take before posting one image on their social media account?

  • 1-5 images

  • 6-12 images

  • 12-18 images

  • 19-24 images

Dear High School Students,

This weeks faith inspiration is about how social media has become an integral part of our lives nowadays. While it has its advantages, it can also contribute to anxiety and stress. Comparing ourselves to the seemingly perfect lives of others can be overwhelming and can cause us to feel inadequate.

As someone of faith, it's essential to remember that we are all unique and valuable in the eyes of God. It's easy to forget this when we focus too much on the opinions of others or on social media. Remember that your worth isn't determined by the number of likes or followers you have.

Instead, turn to prayer and meditation to help calm your anxiety. Take a break from social media for a bit to disconnect and reconnect with yourself and with God. Spend time with supportive family and friends, who will remind you of your strengths and worth.

Lastly, remember that God is always there for you to lean on in times of stress and anxiety. Trusting in His plan for you can help you find peace and confidence amidst the chaos of social media.

Stay strong and blessed,




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