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Capture more than Senior year.... capture the High School Years

Today on the blog we have.... Miss D rocking some fall (& cold weather) fashions in Frankenmuth. And when I say cold weather... I mean I'm not sure how she was this and didn't freeze to death, cuz it was cold in Michigan that day! LOL

Keep scrolling to read more about this beautiful 30A VYBZ Brand Rep!

While most photographers focus on senior portraits, I have a different approach when it comes to celebrating the end of your High School Career. Instead of capturing just one moment in time your senior year, I focus on capturing every stage of your high school career.

From the awkward braces to the beautiful smiles and everything in between! We start the adventure your Freshman Year of High school and we photograph 3 times a year. At the end of the school year, we take your favorite images from each session and create a beautiful Heirloom Album that you can set out on display at your Open House or Graduation Party.

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Thank about that for just a moment, instead of just showing off senior year, you can show off all the incredible changes from Freshman Year TOO Senior Year. Keep scrolling to read our Frequently Asked Questions about the Program!

Limited availability per year - to save your spot, call or text us at

(850) 460-4437

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Melonie Marie Photography + 30A VYBZ Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you Photograph at?

We are based in Santa Rosa Beach Florida, so we frequently photograph on the beaches of 30A and many of the other surrounding gardens and streetscapes. However, we love to travel! And we head to Michigan (my home state) a few times per year, so be sure to follow us on Facebook to see when we will be scheduling sessions.

What is 30A VYBZ?

Do I get the digital files?

Can I still do this even if I'm a Sophomore/Junior/Senior?

How do I get on the COVER of the magazine?


Meet Miss Dalaney - I am so blessed to be a part of her life and to be able to watch her grow. While she is in her 3rd year of High School Program, I have actually been photographing this beautiful young lady since she was just a little tyke on the MHS girls little league softball team (and I'm not sure she's gotten much taller since).

Just kiddin D!

Back on the 8-10 year old girls softball field, you were just most adorable softball player out there, now in your junior year of high school - you have not only blossomed into the most stunning softball player on the field - you are also rockin' it with the bat girl! So proud of you!

While we left the softball gear at home for this session, I did get to stop at one of my favorite places for some fashion pieces... Cracker Barrel (who knew) LOL I love photographing D with accessories as she has great movement behind the camera and she always give me the cutest faces and incredible off camera looks. Check out some of my favs featuring this super cool Handbag and Hat from Cracker Barrel.

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Are your ready to document your high school adventures?

Text us at 850-460-4437 and we will send you details about the program!

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