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Class of 2023 Unique Senior Portraits on 30A

Are you looking for a unique once-in-a-life Senior Portrait Adventure? Of course you are... everyone is! And that's exactly what we want to capture -

a truly unique YOU!

The modern architecture, lush gardens and sandy white beaches of 30A make Florida's panhandle the perfect place for your class of 2023 senior photo experience.

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While most photographers want to capture the 'true you' - Instead, I want to capture the very BEST of you! These are not your every day senior portraits. We focus on creating images where teens not only feel confident in themselves but also have an adventure that they will talk about for a lifetime. Our goal is to capture that Instagram Influencer vyb but also capture something amazing for your home.

30a senior portraits
Top GUY SENIOR portrait Artist

We take a different approach to Senior Portraits. Our goal is to create a MAGAZINE cover image for each and every senior we photograph. Because of this, our senior sessions are are like a model-for-the-day adventure (but we can get them done in an hour)!

Senior Photographer 30A
30A Grayton Beach

30a Grayton Beach photographer
Flying Dress Sessions - 30A Seniors

Some of our favorite garden and streetscape locations include Water Color, Eden Gardens & Baytown Wharf

Would you like more information about scheduling your senior portraits with us? Contact Melonie at (850) 460-4437 for details or click here to view our current SENIOR SESSION OPTIONS.



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