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December 2022: 30A VYBZ Exclusive Teen Magazine | Positive Body Image

Congratulations to Miss Chloee Jaworski as she has been chosen as the December 2022 30A VYBZ POSITIVE BODY IMAGE Influencer and is on the cover of the 30A VYBZ magazine and has been nominated for the Inspiring Teens $1000 Scholarship.

Chloee has been in front of my camera since she was a little tyke in t-ball. Back in the day her desire to help her teammates (even her opposing teammates) was precious. And her passion to help others continues on to this day! As a young adult, Chloee posses leadership skills and is a positive role model to not only her peers, but also to younger children in her community.

Click below to view the December issue - don't forget, it's also available in print.

What is the Inspiring Teens $1000 Scholarship?

Inspiring Teens is a "by teens for teens" organization that is overseen by adults. As a whole, they focus on leadership and volunteering. The Inspire Team is made up of teens from around the world who are in an issue of Inspiring Teens Magazine.

Teens in the Inspiring Teens leadership programs, on the Inspire Team and in the magazine have given away over $122,000 in teen scholarships since 2019 and together they have raised over $100,000 for nonprofits since 2012.

Some teens on the Inspire Team have hosted conferences both in person for teens in the US, and through zoom for teens across the world. They also host monthly challenges and connect to make the world a much smaller place.

30a Photographer
30A Senior Portrait Photographer

Chloee is an inspiring teen with drive, determination, and desire to serve! She opted for rigorous course loads of AP and dual enrollment classes, and secured employment at a vision center to gain experience and knowledge to reach her goal of becoming an optometrist.

Chloee has sought opportunities to be a leader and positive role model. She’s been a class officer, NHS VP, Rotary Interact President, and peer mentor. She organized events for children in her community during various holidays and ran a food drive at Thanksgiving. She’s currently training to be a yoga instructor to help youth appreciate its health benefits. Compassion and focus on giving are evident by her actions!

It is my honor to nominate Chloee for the next $1000 Inspiring Teens Scholarship given away by ITM. Join me in wishing her good luck on all of her future endeavors. Im excited to what you will accomplish Miss Chloee!

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