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Destin Senior Portraits | Baytown Warf

Destin Senior Portraits... what to wear? I always recommend at least one casual outfit for your session! When you start off with this goal in mind, picking out your outfits is a loooot easier!

For your casual outfit, think about wearing jeans or shorts with a cute top! You could wear your favorite pair of jeans/shorts, some jeans that have a design embroidered on them, jeans that have patches, ripped jeans, or jeans that have two different washes on them!

Then you can pair your jeans or shorts with a babydoll tank top, a cute blouse, a peplum top, or really any top that you want! You can even bring a cute jean jacket, cardigan, or anything else to put over your top to spice up the outfit a little bit and add another layer!

This casual outfit that we curated for Diana during her session at Baytown Warf was so much fun to create!


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