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Senior Portraits | Decker

I absolutely fell in love with Gavin's boujee country boy look. When his momma told me about his outfit for his senior portrait session for our May shoot - I couldn't wait, I knew these were gonna be fabulous. Such a stud behind the camera, with the personality to match! To top it off, his mommas family (Gavin’s Papa) also owns a store in Decker, MI where we were able to capture these amazing images!

Senior portraits with a flair for fashion - even for the guys! As a mom of a teen boy myself, I understand how hard it is to get boys to feel excitement for senior portraits. After years of photographing teens, I have picked up on some tips and tricks I can use to help your senior boy {I mean, "guy"} feel confident behind the camera and provide a variety of looks that BOTH mom and senior will love for years to come!

30a Senior Portraits Guys

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