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Fashion, does your style for success matter? Dressing for interviews, networking and branding.

Back in the day, there was a saying... "Don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want". What does that mean? And does dressing for success really work?

Of course the answer is yes! Yes dressing for success does really work. Wether it's an interview, college networking, business networking or branding, your attire matters. And here's why. A study published in 2015, proved that people felt more confident when dressed in more formal attire or what they considered 'dressed up'.

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The study also showed that when dressed up, people feel more intellectually capable and it also made them feel more powerful. With science there to back up my personal thoughts on the power of fashion in one's journey to success, take a look at a few more benefits of dressing for success can provide.

What to Wear - Dress for Success
What to Wear - Dress for Success

First Impressions are Powerful

Your wardrobe sets the mood for first impressions. Have you ever said, I don't wanna meet them right now, I look awful. It's because you know how impactful a first impression can be. In this fast paced world, when you dress for success it leaves a great impression when you first meet people. It's what they will remember you by when you dress in a way that makes you appear that you are on top of your game, chances are you will not be left behind.

The Power to Believe in Yourself

Your wardrobe has the power to set your attitude and mode. Your attire has the ability to not only boost your confidence, but also empower you. Putting on a beautiful boho dress or an incredible suit jacket paired with jeans may not solve the worlds problems, but it sure will make you feel fabulous and like you can conquer any problems that may come your way. All while keeping comfortable!

It Impresses the Right People

I hate to admit it, but those first impressions mean a lot and they will attract the right people that can help attain high levels of success for your passions. Studies have proven that people who 'dress the role' will be acknowledged quicker than those that don't. When you begin to convey a sense of confidence and leadership through your wardrobe, you will begin to find yourself surrounded by people whose goals and values align with your personal goals and values.


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It Keeps Efficiency and Production Up

When you dress like a couch potato, of course, you wanna be a couch potato or would be tempted to stay in all day. To get yourself in an upbeat and active mood, you have to dress as if there are people you want to hang out with just on the other side of that door. In fact, assume that there is an amazing opportunity to meet your idol on the other side of the door. How would you want to be perceived? Are you confident enough in your wardrobe when you walk through that door, to take selfies with your idol? When you’re in clothes that are stylish & and give you confidence, you are most likely to be empowered to give it your all.

It Shows your Character

Good, bad, lazy, you're dressed conveys more than think. Dressing well will convey not only power and authority, it will make you feel confident in who you are. Being well-groomed shows that you have self-respect. The way you present yourself with your wardrobe and style to the world is how they’ll take you. And if you show that you care for yourself by making sure you’re looking your best at every given opportunity, it makes you stand out from the crowd.


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