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Grayton Beach Best Senior Picture Posing Ideas for Guys

Is your son excited for his senior pictures? If the answer is yes... you are one of the few lucky ones LOL. Oddly enough as a photographer who specializes in High School Portrait Photography, guys are actually one of the easiest to pose and photograph. While they might not be excited at first, after just a few moments of hanging out, they will feel relaxed and actually have a great time during their session.

How to get your teen guy excited about his Senior Portrait session.

Of course, my top tip is going to be book their senior photo session with Melonie Marie Photography and choose one of the best beaches in the world - a 30A Florida beach.

Grayton Beach makes the perfect place for guys senior portraits. Here are a few TEEN GUY tips to help prepare your teen for his photo session.

1. Emphasize the importance of senior photos as a milestone. Remind them that these photos will be memories that they will keep for a lifetime.

2. Give them some say in how their photos will be taken. Whether it’s the location, props, clothing choices or poses, make sure that your teen has a chance to be creative and express themselves.

3. Find a professional photographer who understands the need for a stylish, modern teen look. Talk with your teen about what kind of photographer or style they want.

4. Arrange for a friend or family member to come along for the session, either for supporters or as a co-star for some fun photos.

5. Select a location with a modern feel, something they will be interested in and can relate to.

6. Give your teen a list of ideas to consider when posing and make sure they know it’s okay to be silly sometimes!

7. Choose clothing that coordinates with the location you’ll be shooting at.

8. Be sure to accessorize with items that reflect your individual personality: a favourite hat, a vintage watch, jewellery, etc.

9. Lean against a wall, tree or other stationary object to give your pose a sense of movement.

10. Don’t pose too stiffly; incorporate a natural slouch or use props to establish your posture.

11. Move around while shooting; adding diversity to your photos.

12. Incorporate props, such as a guitar, vintage car, sports equipment or bike as extra elements to your photos.

13. Look towards the camera for a direct gaze, a coy glance or a gentle smile for a timeless portrait.

As the number one Guys Senior Portrait photographer in 30A Florida, I can promise... You will strike a pose, so we can capture your story and take your senior portraits to the next level.

Contact us by phone or text at 850-460-4437 to schedule your Senior Portrait Session with Melonie Marie Photography.

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Bonus session tip: Why do sunglasses make a great accessories for guys when posing for senior portraits?

Sunglasses are a great accessory for senior portraits because they add an edgy and cool factor to a photo. Additionally, they help to protect the eyes from bright sunlight, making the photo look more natural. Last but not least, sunglasses can be used to subtly hide acne, discoloration, or any other facial blemishes, making the photo look more flawless.


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