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30A Senior Portraits | Guys What to Wear

2020 was a year of standing up! To make things a little lighthearted, we did a fun PROHIBITION 1920's themed Senior Session at Beagio's in Kingston.

Hunter's wardrobe rocked the 1920's vyb with a black button down men's shirt from the VYBZ Style closet paired with our black/white bow tie and suspenders. He is adorable if I do say so myself.

Add the guitar and some bottles for a perfect bokah background and you get this! They can't help but giggle and smile (and I'm quick to grab the shot!)

If you have a Senior Boy - sometimes it can be difficult to get them look forward to their photo session. Let's work together to make it an experience that they will laugh about and enjoy expressing the fun memories they had while creating!

Text me to start planning creative ideas for YOUR son's senior portrait experience.



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