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Honored to be a part of Empowering Women | Gulf Therapy in 30A

This post has been a long time coming - back to June 1st in fact-LOL. Why the wait.... I have been waiting for the first (of many) Gulf Therapy Grief Retreats here in 30A, Florida happening September 17-22, 2023 put on by the inspiring... Julie Spears from Gulf Therapy. Julie loves to help others with a simple recipe - saltwater, sun and sand. My connection with Julie truly reminds me that God is in control and we need to trust in HIM.

How I got connected with Julie from Gulf Therapy in 30A

When Tim and I moved to 30A Florida back in 2021, the move was very, very unexpected. The decision was a "gut-decision".... scratch that, it was a God-Decision. Against everything my heart was telling me to do, there was something pulling me towards the Gulf. I was born and raised in Michigan, and my family was there, and I was even within an hour drive from the beautiful beaches of Lake Huron. I felt like my heart was in Michigan. So why did I leave Michigan so unexpectedly?

After moving here to 30A, I quickly focused on growing my photography studio in the 30A area and in doing so, was blessed come across a Christian Business Coach, Jennifer Allwood. After joining Jennifer's course, I was in her online group and noticed another person living in the 30A area so I quickly sent her a friend request on Facebook and introduced myself as another 30A Local. Yes, you guessed it, this person was Julie and she loved the Gulf just as much as I do. We chatted several times over messenger and knew that "someday" we would do lunch or something to meet in person. This is where the story gets good....

Fast forward a couple months to April, with our busy schedules, I have still have not had the chance to meet up with Julie in person. But that's about to change... unexpectedly to either us of.

In April, Tim and I were traveling to Destin every Sunday for worship service, however, with "PEAK SEASON" quickly approaching, that drive is reaching almost two hours with traffic. I got on google and did some searching for a church environment that was similar to what I was looking for, but closer to home, and discovered Beachside Community Church, and they are looking to plant a church right here in South Walton-30A. I quickly signed up for first launch party and walked in that Sunday morning excited to see what this is all about. Three steps into the building, I see a face that I recognize... but just can't really place, as I start to walk closer - the light bulb goes off - I know that face from her profile pic.... That's Julie! I run over and hug her, and luckily she quickly recognized me too and welcomed my hug!

We had been trying to meet up for months, but our busy schedules just kept it at bay. God made sure it happened and brought us together at Church.

Pictured below: Julie (center/standing) & Jennifer (right/standing)

empowering women fashions in 30A Florida

I love Empowering Women and I am honored to photograph images with Gulf Therapy, Julie Spears, and other remarkable women.

A Journey of Healing and Growth

As I reflect on my experiences with Gulf Therapy and the remarkable individuals I have had the pleasure of working with, I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of honor. The journey I embarked on with Julie, capturing unforgettable moments during a paddle board tour, has left an indelible mark on my heart. Now, as Julie hosts her inaugural Grief Retreat, I find myself blessed with the opportunity to contribute once again. Join me as I share my heartfelt sentiments about being part of what Julies is doing and witnessing the power of healing firsthand.

30a photographer empowers women with confidence

Capturing Precious Moments:

A few months ago, I had the privilege of photographing Julie, Jennifer Allwood, and their friends during a paddle board tour in the serene Gulf. The atmosphere exuded positivity, laughter, and an unwavering sense of camaraderie. With every click of my camera, I was able to capture the essence of each individual's spirit – their strength, resilience, and determination to overcome any hurdle life may throw at them.

empowering women gulf therapy in 30a

Witnessing Transformation:

The true power of Gulf Therapy lies in its ability to facilitate healing and growth. Through this empowering retreat, Julie creates a safe space where participants can embrace their journey and forge ahead on their path to healing. As I prepare to embark on this next chapter with Julie and her team, I am humbled by the opportunity to bear witness to the transformative process that occurs within each attendee.

30A Florida photographer captures gulf therapy grief retreat

The First Grief Retreat with Julie Spears in 30A:

This week marks a pivotal moment for Gulf Therapy, as Julie hosts her very first Grief Retreat. This retreat is specifically designed to support individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one, whether recent or years ago. Through guided exercises, therapeutic discussions, and mindful activities, participants will embark on a profound healing journey.

To be able to document the moments of vulnerability, profound growth, and the eventual triumph over grief is an immense privilege. I am honored to be part of this retreat, capturing the emotions and stories as they unfold, and sharing them with others who may find solace and inspiration in them.

30a photographer empowering women gulf therapy in 30a

Embracing the Blessings:

I count myself truly blessed to work alongside Julie and her incredible team, witnessing their unwavering commitment to helping others heal. Each experience with Gulf Therapy has deepened my appreciation for the resilience and strength of the human spirit. It has taught me that through compassion, empathy, and a supportive community, genuine healing is possible, no matter how arduous the journey.

As the first Grief Retreat commences, I am filled with anticipation and awe for the transformative power it holds. I look forward to being a part of the participants' journeys, capturing their moments of growth and healing, and spreading the message of hope, strength, and resilience.

gulf therapy in 30a photographer

Being a part of Gulf Therapy with Julie has been a life-altering experience. From the paddle board tour to now the first Grief Retreat, the honor I feel is immeasurable. Through photography, I have witnessed firsthand the incredible healing and growth that can occur when individuals support and uplift each other. The impact of Gulf Therapy extends far beyond the retreat itself, inspiring and empowering countless others who may be navigating their own journeys of loss and healing.




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