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Positive Body Image | Social Media & Wellbeing

How does social media affect a teen or tweens wellbeing?

With over 75% of young adults spending 3-4 hours per day (sometimes more) on social media, it's safe to say that "scrolling" isn't going away anytime soon. Social media has several benefits, as it can keep us in touch with family and friends, document our memories, help us learn about current topics, and even master the latest dance craze. However, we also know that it can have a negative affect on a young impressionable mind. What can we do to help them value their unique beauty and traits?

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It's hard to believe (OK- not really), but the more time young adults spend on social media sites the more likely they are to have low-self esteem or body issues and are typically a bit moodier. I feel that HOW tweens and teens USE social media will shape whether it will positively or negatively impact their life.

Both young and old, we all feel connected when actively engaging with others and sharing content. It can even boost our mood, but spending excessive amounts of time or passively stalking on social media can make us feel lonely and disconnected. One of the several negative effects of social media is how it can make us focus on our body shape or appearance. Unfortunately, many times social media sites can make us feel like we are not good enough if we don't look a certain way. In some cases, we can even begin to start seeking validation via likes and comments, and making comparison to other which has a very negative effect. One of the issues with the images we see online is that they are digitally distorted and are not a representative of real life.

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Digital Distortion vs Reality

As we scroll through others social media sites, we need to keep in mind that we are only viewing the highlight reels of their lives and most people tend to only share the 'best' version they captured. If the 'EVERYDAY' images tweens are viewing online are all perfectly edited, curated and filtered images, this can negatively image their body confidence.

Over 80% of teens and tweens will say that they compare they way they look to how other people look on their social media feeds. Posting the 'perfect selfie' is more like a 30 minute task rather than 30 seconds of fun. Recent studies show that teens will take on average up to 14 pictures in an attempt to get the perfect 'look' or VYB before choosing which one to post. In addition to clicking the camera till everything is just 'right'... we then see images edited with unrealistic everyday beauty standards. Social media filters will alter our appearance by brightening skins, making eyelashes longer, adding makeup - the list goes on.

I will admit, even I love to get on snapchat and use those filters for creativity and some fun self-expressions (my family loves those ones) LOL. But when filters are used to conform to society's beauty expectations, or because you feel insecure posting unedited pics, it is a sign that it might be causing self-esteem issues. This effect is so common, that it very common for tweens/teens to think that they don't look good enough without photo editing - so, now is the perfect opportunity to have the "SELFIE TALK".

NOTE: Models featured on 30A VYBZ are not professional/paid models. They are everyday teens and tweens, just like you, that have participated in our model camp or joined the VYBZ TRYB INFLUENCER team. Click here to apply as a 30A VYBZ Magazine Model and be eligible for the $1000 scholarship.


In our next SOCIAL MEDIA discussion, we will be coving tips on how to have Selfie Talk with your tween. You can help them think critically and creatively about way they use social media to improve their self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing.

Check back with us for the following 7 Selfie Talk tips:

  1. Understanding digital distortion

  2. Avoiding the comparison trap

  3. Putting the 'social' back into social media

  4. Creating diverse & real content

  5. Cyberbullying

  6. When to take a break

  7. Curating a positive feed




30A VYBZ is based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and is an online magazine/blog for teens and tweens. Created to empower teens and tweens with leadership skills and confidence in themselves. To show them that their individual qualities and traits should be an influence to others, not an anxiety to oneself. Want to be a featured model in one of our upcoming issues or blog topics, click here for details or contact us at (850) 460-4437.



Shout out to my amazing models for the pink and blue Parachute Dresses. The gorgous gal in the middle was celebrating her 50th birthday here in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. We had been talking for a few months about this HOT PINK #parachutedress and just how fabulous it would match her brand. We were honored to have the opportunity to not only photograph her, but also her two beautiful daughters, and it was a family affair...

We decided to bring all the boys along to help carry the dresses (they are 30 foot long). They were amazing and kept the dresses "flying" for us the whole time.

Let's chat about how you can help BUILD THE BUZZ for a Positive Body Image for teens and tweens. Hi, I'm Melonie! A mother of 5, fashion diva, and a Master Photographer. I believe that using religious body affirmations can help improve ones body image. Feel free to contact me by email, phone or text at (850) 460-4437.



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