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Senior Portraits What To Wear } For the Guys

Are you struggling with What to Wear for your Senior Portraits? Congratulations! You have found the perfect fashion blog for learning the top tips on how to dress for your Senior Portrait Session.

What to wear for guys senior portraits?

Here is my TOP styling tip on what to wear for Boy Senior Portraits. One of my favorite styles for men is the classic Black T. I suggest a form fitting PLAIN black t-shirt. Stay away from logos or any design on t-shirt as they will distract from the eye. We want to keep our focus of attention on our Senior Guy... keep the shirt simple and free from patterns.

Don't forget to accessorize! YES - even the Senior Guys need to think about some props, or accessories, to add to their wardrobe. VERY IMPORTANT... while it seems silly for the guys to think of these items, when it comes time to actually have your images taken, these item will be very helpful to YOU!

Sunglasses are an excellent item for any guy to bring to their senior photography session. As I mentioned before, props (example: sunglasses) are an excellent tool to help YOU feel more comfortable in-front of the camera. Sunglasses will give you something to do with your hands, you'd be surprised how many times you will ask "what do I do with my hands"?

My answer will be... Hold on to your sunglasses and LOOK COOL!

Another accessory item that is perfect to bring along... a button down shirt! This gives the guys a reason to flex them arms! Long sleeve or short sleeve button down shirts work perfect as a prop for Senior Guys when they are posing for their senior portraits. These items, along with some fun jokes by me, will help your senior feel at ease and relaxed when modeling for his senior portrait session.

If you are looking for a simple, yet GQ MAGAZINE (Gentleman's Quarterly) inspired look, simply grab a soft, comfy, form fitting, short sleeve ,Black T-Shirt! Pair it with some faded worn jeans, Buckle is a great place for jeans, and you will be on track for this Top Gun fashion inspired feel. Don't forget the aviator sunglasses and a jean jacket or button down shirt! Or even go for an old fashion feel and find dad's ol' Bomber jacket!

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