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Teen Guy Style | What to Wear Stylish Senior Portraits

Think casual and comfortable! When it comes to teen guys fashion, keeping comfort in mind is a top priority. They can look great, but if they are uncomfortable, they will only look great for 10 seconds. Today on the blog I am excited to feature one of my TOP 12 CREATIVE TEAM ambassadors, PB... aka Peanut Butter!

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Keep scrolling to read more about today's Teen Guys fashion vyb: Navy Blue Blazer paired with white t-shirt, jeans and hockey gear!

PB has been in front of the camera since he was just a few days old and has modeled for projects with me (Melonie Marie Photography) for many years. This particular session was an important one as it marks the beginning of his High School Years.

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As he embarks on his High School Career, we get the camera rolling. Over his Freshman year at Sandusky High School, we will do several different photo sessions with PB, each one featuring a cool fashion trend combined with one of his favorite sports... hockey or baseball. At the end of his Freshman year, we will design a 10x10 Heirloom album featuring his favorite images from over the year.

While most photography concentrate on capturing senior photos, instead I take a different approach to high school photos. Instead, I think we should capture their entire high school career - from 9th grade through 12 grade. Teens change so much during their high school years, I love seeing all 4 albums on display at their open house / graduation party and remember all the moments over the years, and all the changes, both physically and mentally.

What to Wear - Teen Guys Fashion - Guys Senior Portraits

As our little stud muffins go from 'momma's little boy', to being 5 inches taller than us, basically overnight, dressing them becomes more of a challenge. When choosing wardrobe styles for your teen guy, remember to keep it comfortable! While girls will suffer through uncomfortable wardrobe pieces to look great, guys will toss an uncomfortable shirt, shoe or even sock out the window as soon as they can, so don't waste your time (or money) shopping for pieces they won't feel comfortable in.

On that note, keep in mind that comfort CAN also be stylish! For this look, I wanted to create something that would look good on a dinner date or at family/social events, but still keep comfort a priority. We opted for a Navy Blue mens Blazer from Kohls and paired it with a plain white, super soft T, jeans and shoes from Cole Haan. This Blazer is a perfect item for any teen guy to have in his closet as it can be used for both formal and casual events. This would even be a stylish look for a school dance.

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We also got to use some of his hockey gear - which was very sweaty and gross since he just got back from practice! LOL. But I was brave and set the gear up for some amazing shots showing off one of his favorite sports to play!


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