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Teens Personal Style | Peer Pressure

When the tween and teen years come upon us... the fashion choices look a little different than the pink unicorn t-shirt that got worn every other day-of-the-week... wayyyyyy back when. As tweens develop their Fashion "VYB", its hard to stay away from the pressures of 'peer-approved' trends and keep their own sense of style.

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Resisting the pressure to conform to teen fashion trends

Unfortunately - it happens all too often... Trend-following versus personal style. when young people copy what their friends wear (or a fashion / beauty page recommends it), they may be following the tend - which is not the same as having their own VYB!

Teens often say they want to express themselves and be unique, but when they stand in a group, they all look the same. Without guidance, tweens tend to follow the wrong fashion influencers rather than learning how to find their own personal style amongst the trends.

At 30a VYBZ we coach teens and tweens to wear fashion styles that reflect their individual personality AND teach them how to feel comfortable. Celebrating each young persons individuality and helping them develop a positive relationship with their body and fashion will boost their confidence.

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30A photographer senior portraits
30A Photographer | Melonie Marie | Senior Session

Does your body shape effect the style of clothing you can wear?

YES - it sure does! But please remember that I'm talking about STYLE CUTS, not style vybz (or looks)...

For example, everyone should have a Johnny Cash t-shirt in their wardrobe, even the guys! This shirt paired with a cute pair of jeans is the new adorable "band-tee" fashion vyb covering the media pages today. HOWEVER, not everyone can wear the same style cut of this shirt. Some have a crop top, some have a tank top, some have sleeves, some don't. So when shopping for that next favorite band Tee... think about the style cut and how it can accentuate your body shape (and vice versa).

In the two images below - the Casting Call required a white/cream boho vyb - and can I get an amen - because they both rocked this fashion look. While one of the gals has the popular rectangle body shape, the other was more Pear. To flatter each of their body shapes, we placed one with in an off shoulder dress and the other in the a-line dress. While each of them are the same size, each of them have very different body shapes.

How to choose and shop for the appropriate dress cut for your body shape is just one of the tips we coach each of clients when they model for the magazine.


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Value their opinion on personal styling

It’s important to reinforce your child’s efforts to cultivate their sense of style and self-expression. Show that you value their opinion by involving them in your own fashion choices. Go through your wardrobes together to discover the items you both love and have fun trying different pieces on.

Unique style spotting When you’re teaching your child about how to be themselves, make a game of noticing people who look cool, unique and confident. Together, you can chat about how this inspires you in your own fashion choices. Once your child sees real people being unique and having fun with fashion, they might feel more confident in dressing to please themselves.



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