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Multiplying Your Business with Melonie's Four-Step Clients 4 Life VYBZ Guide

Voice your brand workshop in a box for client retention

Why do I get 95% of my clients returning for repeat business + referrals? Are you ready to take your business to the 95% return level? Look no further my Voice Your Brand VYBZ Clients-4-Life online course.

This four-step workflow system provides a complete foundation for building repeat and referral business.

Voice your brand workshop

Step One: The VYBZ Clients-4-Life Framework. Learn exactly what you need to do to establish a foundation that will help you build your business for life.

Voice your brand workshop

Step Two: The VYBZ Clients-4-Life Email System. Keep in touch with your clients every month with personalized emails. Use the 12 done-for-you emails included in this system to stay connected with your clients for an entire year.

Plus, you'll receive a bonus 10 Supplemental emails to help you navigate difficult times like the recent pandemic.

Voice your brand workshop

Step Three: The VYBZ Client-4-Life Bonus System. Receive tips for email segmentation, a comprehensive 18-month touchpoint plan, and a booklet filled with 75 email topic ideas.

Voice your brand workshop

Step Four: The VYBZ Client-4-Life Everything Else Bundle. This bundle includes everything else you need to create a memorable brand.

With the VYBZ Client-4-Life System, you'll be set up to pull in repeat business and referrals from 95% of your client base starting today! Plus, you'll receive two Challenge Booklets to help keep you accountable in setting everything up.

PRE-SALE NOW thru February 8th.

This product officially launches live on the website February 8th for $49, get it now for only 29. Only 10 pre-sale copies available, text Melonie at 850-460-4437 to get your copy and save $20.

Are you a 30A Local brand or micro-business? Let's chat about how I can not only help you foster your BEST vibe with Voice your Brand, but also get featured you featured on Click 30A's exclusive brand partner list that reaches an average of 3000 on IG and private mailing list.


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