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30A Senior Photographer | What did your yearbook photo look like?

Do you remember what your senior photo looked like? Were you just wearing a suit or a dress in a small studio? Did you try to change up your attire with something a little more unconventional? Wouldn’t it be much cooler if you had taken your photo at the beach instead?

Around a decade or two ago, senior portraits weren’t as much of a big deal as they are today. Back then, it was just something parents accompanied their high schoolers to without much fanfare and those who did make a big deal out of senior pictures were few and far between.

These days, it’s different.

Senior Pictures | Destin FL

The Importance of Senior Portraits

Thanks to photos being more accessible because of smartphones, digital cameras, and other gadgets, people have now discovered what it’s like to immortalize milestones into photographs. It’s the same with senior portraits: these photos are taken to celebrate an important stage in a teenager’s life. Aside from it just being the end of high school, senior year can also mark the beginning of new things, such as meeting new friends, living in a new place, or even going to a new school.

Having great senior photos can let you and your parents have something meaningful to go back to in the future. These pictures let you highlight the fond memories you have with different people and even different places. At the same time, parents can also capture their child’s transition to adulthood in a way that’s both beautiful and memorable.

Ideas for a Senior Portrait

The beach is a great place to have your senior photo taken. After all, you instantly have a beautiful backdrop that can work for both casual or formal attire. Senior pictures by the beach, whether taken during daylight or sunset, can have an amazing effect that captures the essence of freedom embodying life after high school. Beach senior pictures are also a lot of fun to organize between family and friends since you have an almost unlimited potential for poses, setups, and even costumes that you can wear. Of course, after the shoot, the best part about being on a beach is that you can enjoy the waves afterwards.

Invite Your Parents and Siblings

Having a beautiful backdrop is great, but having your parents or siblings join in your senior photos can be even more memorable. It allows each family member to share in this milestone and celebrate in this transition to adulthood. Senior portraits with parents and siblings also send a heartfelt message of gratitude — that without family, you wouldn’t be where you are.

Take a Photo with Your Pet

If you have a furry friend that’s close to your heart, why not include them in your senior photos, too? You can take this idea up a notch by dressing up your fur baby or putting an accessory on them that matches the attire you’re wearing for the shoot.

Highlight Your Hobby

Incorporating your hobby into your senior photos can also lead to unique setups and angles. Whether your hobby is to cycle around your town or to collect seashells by the beach, framing your senior photoshoot around your hobby can be a lot of fun, especially if that hobby is something that made you excel in school.

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Should You Get an Experienced Photographer?

You might experience a handful of weddings in your lifetime, but you can only be a high school senior once. If newlyweds get a professional photographer to commemorate their big day, why shouldn’t you?

You might think that doing a DIY photoshoot for your senior pictures can save you a ton of money, but the reality is that hiring a professional photographer lets you enjoy the process of having your photo taken. Instead of busying yourself with how you want your senior photos to look (likely with little success if you’re inexperienced), getting a professional photographer saves you the effort of scouting for places or figuring out which times of day are the best for certain types of photos. Due to their knowledge in the field, a professional photographer can offer recommendations on which venues can produce the desired effect you want, which attire looks best for what, and what poses you should do to really capture the spirit you want your senior photos to exude.

Experienced photographers can also answer any questions you have and generally take the stress out of planning how your photoshoot should go. This is especially vital if you’re planning to have your senior photos taken with other people, such as friends and family.

Certain venues also need the skills of a professional so the photos come out looking as they should. For instance, you can’t just shoot on a beach and not expect the weather, winds, and shifting lighting to affect your photos. If you hire a professional, they’ll know exactly how to adjust their equipment so nothing gets overexposed or impacted by the weather.

Strike a Pose

Senior photos are a great way to commemorate an important life transition. Since it’s a photo that can be taken only once, it’s best to hire a professional photographer to really capture the essence of what makes a senior photo truly special.

The 30a Senior Portrait Experience by Melonie Marie

For Senior pictures by the beach, the Emerald Coast offers more than just the beach for your Senior Portrait Session! Modern architecture, elegant flower gardens, paved paths, and Tuscany inspired homes paired with the beach make your senior portraits a

Once-In-A-Lifetime beach photoshoot Opportunity! Let us make sure that your vision of the perfect pictures that will be cherished for a lifetime are perfectly captured for you and your loved ones.



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