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What will you remember about your senior year? 30A Flying Dress Photo Session

What will you remember about your senior year and how do you want to capture that moment in your senior photos?

Having senior photos taken at Grayton Beach with Melonie Marie Photography is the perfect way to capture your senior year in a beautiful and memorable way! Grayton Beach is a stunning and versatile location with many wonderful backdrops for amazing photos, from the sparkling sand and emerald waters to the dunes and sand dunes.


The relaxed and beachy atmosphere of the beach creates a carefree, stress free experience and allows for fun and creative photos. And the fun pink parachute dress not only adds a pop of color and fun to the photos, but it will also be a great reflection and symbol of an amazing senior year!

Are you looking for unique idea for your senior photos?

A flying dress photo session can allow you to capture amazing shots of you in a beautiful custom designed parachute dress, with the backdrop of a stunning Grayton Beach Sand dunes landscape or Emerald Coast skyline. It is unique and captures a whimsical, surreal quality that can’t be achieved with traditional photography. These photos create a sense of graceful movement, with the dress becoming an extension of the photographer’s art. Flying dress photos are breathtakingly beautiful and are a unique way to tell a story with a unique visual twist.

Why choose a photographer that specializes in teens and tweens when booking your senior portraits?

A photographer who knows how to work with teens for senior pictures is beneficial because teens tend to be more camera shy or awkward in front of the lens. A skilled photographer who knows how to make teens feel comfortable, direct them in posing, and capture their personality can create gorgeous senior pictures that capture this milestone moment in a teen's life. Working with a photographer who is familiar with working with teens can also help to ensure that parents and teens both get the photos they want while also establishing trust and a respectful rapport.

Why is Grayton Beach so popular for senior Pictures?

Grayton Beach is popular for senior pictures because of its stunning white sand beaches, emerald green waters, historic fishing village, and coastal dunes.

It offers an array of stunning backdrops that make for beautiful photos, including iconic locations such as the Red Bar and Butler’s Oyster House, as well as natural scenery like sand dunes, classic Florida oak trees, and more. Grayton Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in the country, making it a popular and sought-after spot for senior portrait sessions.

Just a reminder to the moms - we love to sneak you in for few snapshots of this milestone in your teens life. Be camera ready and get ready to love up on your baby before they head off to adulthood.

Are you looking for Senior Portraits in the 30A Area? Let's Chat about some of the most amazing locations for your session like Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach, Grayton Beach, and my personal favorite... Santa Rosa Beach! Drop me a text at 850-460-4437 or fill the contact us form and I will email pricing detail.

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