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Where to get the perfect wardrobe for your 30A Senior Portraits on the Beach | Rectangle Body Shape

When it comes to senior portrait sessions, choosing the perfect wardrobe is crucial. It can make a huge difference in creating a stunning and memorable photo that will stand the test of time. Here’s a guide on how to select the perfect wardrobe for a senior portrait session at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, with us, against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset on the white sandy beaches.

While this beautiful gal is not quite a senior yet, she is part of the Vybz Trby CREATIVE TEAM and love having her in front of my camera. This session was done in the beginning of April and the weather was a bit on the cooler side, but Miss K rocked it and made the photos on the beach look effortless.

where to find the perfect dress for your senior photo session in 30a
The prefect dress for your 30A Senior Portraits

This Dress from Altar’d State was perfect for a sunset senior session.

If you're looking for a dress that will make you feel effortlessly beautiful, Altar’d State is the perfect place to start. Their dresses are designed with feminine and flowy silhouettes that will make you stand out in your senior portraits. For the beach, opt for a dress with a lightweight fabric that will catch the ocean breeze and create a soft and whimsical effect in your photos.

Consider the color of your dress as well. Beach photoshoots call for bright and vibrant colors that pop against the blue ocean and white sand. Opt for coral, turquoise, or yellow for a fun and playful look, or go with a more muted color like peach or blush for a romantic and dreamy vibe.

Hair & makeup by local favorite.... @stacyalderson < follow her on IG

Another great outfit for a beach senior session is a Swimsuit from Kulani Kinis, add a cover up for some fun posing options.

If you're planning on taking some photos on the water or getting into the ocean for some fun shots, be sure to bring a swimsuit that you feel confident and comfortable in. Kulani Kinis is a great option for stylish swimsuits that are made for beachy photoshoots like this.

Think about the style of swimsuit you want to wear. One-piece swimsuits are great for a sophisticated and elegant look, while two-piece swimsuits can be playful and fun. Consider the print and color of your swimsuit too – florals, stripes, and bright colors all look fantastic in beach photos.

30A senior portraits girl in bikini on beach
Fun in the Sun with Kulani Kinis for your senior portraits.

Try Shorts from American Eagle for your beach photo session.

For a more casual and relaxed look, a pair of shorts from American Eagle will do the trick. High-waist shorts paired with a crop top or tank top create a fun and laidback vibe that’s perfect for a beach photoshoot. Opt for light-colored denim or white denim shorts for a classic look that will never go out of style.

Shop Austin Music Co in Destin for the perfect props for your photo session like this adorable Ukulele from Austin Music Co. in Destin, FL.

Adding props to your senior portraits can make them more personalized and unique. A ukulele from Austin Music Co. is a great addition for a beach photoshoot. Whether you play the ukulele or not, it creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere that’s perfect for a beach photoshoot. #ukelele


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to chat about your senior photo session.

Senior portraits are a significant milestone in a student's life. And what better way to capture this moment than on the beach? But, before you head out for your photo shoot, it's essential to choose the right wardrobe that will complement your body shape. In this post, we will discuss tips on choosing a wardrobe for a rectangle body shape to help you look and feel good during your senior beach photo shoot.

What is a Rectangle Body Shape? And how to choose the best wardrobe pieces.

A rectangle body shape is when your bust, waist, and hips have similar measurements, giving you a straight body with minimal curves. This body shape can make it challenging to create an hourglass figure.

30A senior portrait photographer tips for dress for your senior portraits
How to choose the perfect dress for your senior portraits

Tip 1: Create the illusion of curves with layers.

Use layers to create the illusion of curves. Layering garments can add depth to your overall look, creating a more curvy and feminine appearance. For instance, a light cardigan or kimono over a fitted tank top can make your waistline appear slimmer while creating a subtle, feminine curve.

What to wear 30A Senior photo session
30A Senior Portraits

Tip 2: Cinch your waist.

Accentuating your waist can help create an hourglass figure, even if you have a rectangle body shape. You can achieve this by adding a belt over your dress or tucking your blouses into a high-waisted skirt. This technique will give your body the much-needed definition at the waist.

Sunset beach photo session in 30a for your senior portraits
Sunset Senior Photo Session in 30A Florida

Tip 3: Choose tops that create a V-neckline.

V-neck tops create an illusion of length, making you appear taller and leaner while elongating your torso. This style is perfect for a rectangle body shape as it adds some depth to your upper body while giving the illusion of curves.

30a Senior portraits
Top High School Teen and Tween Photographer in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Tip 4: Opt for flared skirts.

Flared skirts are a fantastic option for a beach shoot, especially if you want to move around with ease. These skirts provide the illusion of a fuller hip, which can balance out your straight figure.

choosing your wardrobe for your beach senior photo session
Don't be afraid to get wardrobe wet for your senior portraits on the beach

Tip 5: Add some prints and patterns.

Opt for clothing with prints and patterns as they draw the eye and help break the straight lines of your figure. However, when choosing prints, ensure they are proportional to your body shape to avoid overwhelming your frame.

Visionary Youth BelieverZ Senior Portraits with Melonie Marie
Love these Vybz.... #LOVETHESEVYBZ

In conclusion, as you plan for your senior beach photo shoot, remember to pick outfits that flatter your body shape. These tips will help you choose the right wardrobe that will make you feel confident and beautiful in your senior portraits.

Let's keep in touch, follow us for more photo sneak peeks, daily inspiration, helpful tips, and most importantly fun! No fun haters allowed!

Visionary Youth BelieverZ = VYBZ



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