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Why should I join an influencer team? Empowering photo sessions and body image values for teens.

30A Flying Dress Fashion Session with Miss Issabella

Congrats to Issabella from South Walton Dance Studio as she was the winner of the Parachute Dress photo session donated during the Digital Distortion Presentation provided to the South Walton ALL STAR Dance Team Members. Thanks to all the team and to Miss Ashley Brooks for organizing this positive body image building event. I had a great time with the gals and look forward to hanging out with them more in the future!

You have been dreaming of your high school years for a while now…. and probably how to make the most impact during those years as well.

You may also be wondering what the heck is all of this talk about Influencers and asking yourself why you would need to need to be on an Influencer Team during your high school years?

The answer may surprise you…

(hint) It is all about the EXPERIENCE… and sharing it with friends… and making CONNECTIONS!

What is an Influencer?

Gen Z is moving more and more into the influencer market every day. Even if you only have a few followers, you have influence. To influence technically means: “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.” In essence, to be a leader; to be someone that people look to for advice and guidance. This could be something as simple as what to wear and as complex as how to write the perfect college essay. The key is to first figure out what that “thing” is for YOU.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about how to leverage your personal brand...

to either grow it with the purpose of stepping more into the influencer world, but don’t really know where to start?

You’re in luck because I’ve created an Influencer mentorship geared specifically for your generation - teen micro influencers, so that you can learn how to do this in an organic way - that is uniquely YOU. All the influencers you see on instagram started somewhere, and you have just as much a shot at that as they did; you just need to:

Decide you want to

  • Learn the principles

  • Focus and implement them

  • Stay authentically YOU throughout the process


We are currently accepting applications (see below) for next years Creative Team Influencers. Get featured on the COVER of 30A VYBZ exclusive teen magazine and have the chance to win the $1000 Inspiring Teens Magazine scholarship.


What are the Perks of being an Influencer for the 30A Vybz Creative Team? Get ALL the Details, click here.


Of course, the number one bonus is all the great images and social media content for you and your family to share. But the core value of 30A Vybz is all about promoting a positive body image for teens and tweens of all shapes and sizes.

I provide Life-changing interactive branding photo adventures designed to make teens & tweens feel confident in themselves so that they can realize their full potential and gain leadership skills.

Plus the parents get ART! We get summers and the time is fleeting! Some do all 4 years of high school so they an Heirloom Album of every year of high school to document all of the growth and changes from 9th-12th grade. While some just join their senior year!

Parents, for more information on the Influencer mentorship and about 30A Vybz, please view this presentation below. If your teen is interested in joining the team, please complete the application form below. We are currently accepting applications for not only the team, but also next year's magazine COVER spots - only 12 spots per year available, will your teen be one of the TOP 12?

click image to enlarge

What if I love your work, but I'm not ready to be an influencer? Do you offer style sessions, BFF sessions or senior portraits?

Hey I get it! this program is NOT for everyone. However, I also know that everyone deserves to know their true potential and I love showing teens what they can't see when they look in the mirror.

One of our most popular options is the BFF session... Best Friends with FASHION!!! Getting together with your besties is a great way to relax and feel confident in front of the camera as it's comfortable to simply hang out with your peeps! Click here to see a fun Puppy session we did with Cash and Lita for a Christmas themed BFF session in Miramar Beach, Fl.

And of course we love styled photo sessions! Boho, Americana, Streetwear, Upscale Fashion, Funky Fashion... you name it, we love it! Especially if it's something we can brand! On that note, we do have 6 custom designed flying dresses. But these are just a step above the traditional flying dresses, these are made from real parachutes and are twice the size in "fluff" and are hand sown by a fashion designer in Michigan.

We also offer Senior portrait sessions for those that want something outside the box. We don't do basic! Please contact us at 850-460-4437 by text or send us an email and we will reach back out to chat about what we can create together,

Are you ready to be an Influencer?

Complete the application below for the Creative Team opportunities. Note, there are only 12 spots per year for the TOP 12 and these spots are on a first come first serve basis. Be one of the first 7 to sign up and you get additional sessions with friends and family!

30A Vybz is an exclusive teen and tween magazine designed and created by Melonie Marie Photography. Our teen model reps can earn cash, get product discounts and more. Teen Influencers are on the rise and as part of the team, you learn the concepts and opportunities for becoming a teen social media influencer. Our goal is to promote a positive body image for teens and tweens of all shapes and sizes (and every shade of awkward in between).


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