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02: Why size doesn't matter~EMPOWERING HEADSHOTS

💖 Love Your Reflection with a Positive Body Image Photo Shoot 💖 and my Figure Flattering Tips! As a long time business and branding headshots photographer for over 20 yeas, I can tell that size don't matter!

Headshots in Destin
Headshots and Empowering Images in Destin

Picking the right outfit for an occasion is a mighty fine art! It's like a painter choosing the perfect canvas to express their personality and leave a lasting impression. But, here's the thing: style ain't just for one body type. Don't believe me? Let's bust the myth that only runway models can rock the latest trends. You can do it for your headshots session or any photo session!

Love your Reflection, Empowering Fashion Truths
Image Stylist: 30 Foot Parachute Dress for photo session

I'm not gonna sugarcoat it; the "size zero" idea is just plain wrong. It makes me sad to see so many women believing that they can't look stylish unless they fit into a certain size. Let's set the record straight: style isn't about your measurements, but rather about celebrating your unique shape. Whether you're curvy, petite, or anything in between, you can slay the fashion game!

Sure, we're bombarded with images of airbrushed, stick-thin models every day. But, trust me, that's not the reality. As a stylist and professional photographer, I know that fashion is for everyone, and I'm here to help you rock your own unique style!

💃 Are you ready to embrace your unique beauty and celebrate yourself?

It's time to love your reflection and feel amazing in your own skin! ✨

Love your Reflection, Empowering Fashion Truths
Destin Headshots Photographer

Picture this: It all begins with feeling like a million bucks! And, guess what? It all starts with loving what you see in the mirror. When you're feeling fly in your clothes, you can strut your stuff and rule the room like a boss! So, let's start with the basics: developing your own signature style, embracing the unique body you have now, and dressing in a way that celebrates your shape!

Why should you love your body, you ask? Well, because it's the one and only body you've got, and it's your ride or die for life! If you're not feeling comfortable in your own skin, then you're not going to feel confident in your every day life. And guess what? Changing your body shape isn't the answer to feeling confident. It's all about that positive mindset and loving your precious bod, just as it is!

Why Your Body Deserves All the Love

Well, for starters, like I said... it's your ride or die. You're stuck with your bod through thick and thin, so why not make it a happy journey? If you're struggling to feel confident in your own skin, don't blame the body, blame the mindset. Your body shape doesn't dictate how you should feel, you do!


Embrace your body today, and don't wait for tomorrow. Love your Reflection, Empowering Fashion Truths

Remember that iconic scene from Bridget Jones's Diary when Mark Darcy swoops in and declares, "I like you, just the way you are"? That's the kind of energy we need!

Now, if you're on a fitness mission to shed some baby weight, bulk up, or just boost your overall health, that's amazing! Goals keep us going. But the key to success is to love yourself every step of the way. So let's raise a glass (of water, of course) to our wonderful bodies, just as they are!

Love your Reflection, Empowering Fashion Truths

You are gorgeous, just as you are. (Thank you, Mark Darcy.)

Hey there, stunning! You're perfect, exactly as you are. Let's be real, tweaking your weight won't magically transform how you feel inside. Even if you gain or lose some pounds, you might still feel a bit off. So, let's start by embracing the amazing body you already have!

Love your Reflection, Empowering Fashion Truths. Wanna know the secret to rocking clothes that make you feel like a superstar... Embracing your positive body features! You deserve to feel like a million bucks, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise! And, psst, let's not forget: size is just a number, and it's time to shush those negative naysayers who try to shame anyone about their body from being to "small" to being to "big".

Forget the tags and embrace the perfect fit! The secret to nailing your wardrobe game is to pay no attention to the numbers and go with what looks and feels good on you.

Body-positive bloggers are all about spreading the love and throwing shade at the size label. Why? Because it's pure illusion! You can zip up a size 10 at one store and need a size 8 in another. Heck, you could need one size in New York and another in LA! And don't even get started on how the time of day or your period can mess with your size game!

So, ditch the size drama and focus on what works for YOU, no matter what the designer says. Don't let them shame you into feeling bad about your shape! You're the boss of your body and you deserve to wear clothes that make you feel like a million bucks. The next time you're in the dressing room, forget about the numbers and go by what fits and flatters you the most!

👑 Size doesn't Matter - Love these Vybz Parachute dresses are custom designed so that ONE dress will fit women's sizes xs-xxl.😍

Let's flaunt those gorgeous curves, shall we?

As a personal stylist, I've noticed how most women tend to hide their best assets instead of letting them shine. But why cover up and blend in when you can rock patterns, solids, color blocking, and hemlines to achieve that perfect hourglass figure?

But wait, there's more! Before you start layering on the clothes, let's talk about undergarments. Get yourself a well-fitting bra and a variety of underwear styles, and voila! You'll avoid any bumps or bulges in all the wrong places, and your clothes will lay like a dream. Time to show off your best self!

On that note... The SHAPE of Your clothes should also follow the natural contours of your body. Do you aspire to have a closet filled with clothes that will fit you perfectly and make you feel kick-ass and empowered? If the answer is yes, you’ll want to click the link below:

How to invest and wear clothes that I love and feel amazing in for MY Body Shape, Style Essence and Color Season Analysis

Image Styling in 30A Florida with unique dresses for photo session

Until we work together... Here are some helpful tips to help you Love your Wardrobe:

  • Fancy a fashion tip? Listen up! A smart jacket, blouse or tee should hug your shoulder like a koala bear - just above your armpit. No saggy sleeves, please!

  • Whoa, whoa, whoa! No peek-a-boo gaps on the front of your shirt, please! That's just not cool. Keep it classy and leave a little to the imagination. If you're facing this dilemma and your shirt seems just right in every other way, then try adding a sneaky little button to keep everything in place. Hush-hush, we won't tell if you won't!

  • If your shirt tugs at your shoulder blades, it's time to size up, my friend.

  • If your top is drooping between your shoulder blades, it's time to play Goldilocks and choose a smaller size or try out a cute camisole.

  • Hey, any sagging in the crotch area of your jeans are a fashion no-no! It's like a neon sign telling you that the rise of those pants just doesn't jive with your style.

  • Peek at your pants and see if they're secretly smiling or frowning at your hips (a.k.a whiskering). If they are, it's time to face the music - they might be too tight or too loose! Don't fret, try a size up or down and get ready to strut your stuff in style.

  • A pencil skirt should be as smooth as a baby's bottom, no crinkle-crunch at the hips!

  • If your dress hemline is a bit of a hot mess, don't worry because a tailor can come to the rescue!

  • One last fashion alert for today! For the perfect pants and jeans, make sure they reach the floor in style. That's right, let them flow and flirt with the ground. Anything shorter is a fashion disaster waiting to happen.

Keep scrolling to view sneak peeks from my Parachute dress photo session at Echlon Property Rental in Seagrove Beach




🌟 Join LOVE THESE VYBZ for an uplifting and empowering photo shoot experience, featuring the incredible photography talents of Melonie Marie plus a 30 Foot custom designed parachute dress. 📸

Love your Reflection, Empowering Fashion Truths

Melonie capture's your inner radiance and showcases your true beauty in the most stunning way possible on the shores of 30A Florida. Her most recent Parachute photo shoot took place at one of the most breathtaking rental vacation properties in Seagrove Beach, located along the mesmerizing Emerald Coast of Hwy 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. 🌊☀️ This enchanting location served as the perfect backdrop for our empowering journey for this stunning young lady from San Diego, CA.

Love your Reflection, Empowering Fashion Truths

These dresses are designed for a "one size fits all (xs-xxxl)" to provide an empowering experience to help women of all ages, shapes and sizes embrace their body just the way it is, fostering a positive body image and self-confidence from within. Remember, you are unique, beautiful, and worthy of all the love and admiration in the world!

✨Are you celebrating a special birthday, graduation or event in life? Let's embark on this journey together and ignite a flame of confidence that will radiate throughout your life. 💪❤️ Get ready to embark on a transformational experience that will forever change the way you see yourself. Embrace the love for your reflection and let your inner beauty shine bright like a diamond! ✨✨

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