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My Story of Self-Worth: Learning to See the Light from the Shadows of Darkness

As a Photographer, every time I meet a new person and every time I focus my lens, I can see my very own insecurities.

Self-value workshops online

This profound awakening about each and every persons insecurity forms the cornerstone of her transformative chat: "Learning to See the Light from the Shadows of Darkness". This chat covers a deeply emotional connection of changing your personal perspective of Shame to Self-Worth with her audience.

Melonie Marie, a 30A Photographer with 4 images on the world art tour, chats about her story of self-worth doubt, shame and worthlessness. Her story begins with elementary school taunts from fellow classmates of "K-mart" brand clothing, feeling inadequate and meager, with these negative feelings being reflected back to her by the world.

My story of self worth Video Chat will be launching October 2023, I cant wait to share with you.



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